Story Power

Story Power

Story Power will record and share this story.


Through experienced videographer and editor John Powers, you will be able to preserve and share your  story in a long-lasting video. This can be quickly and conveniently produced in your residence or location of your choice.


Your story, whether it is a summing up of a life-long journey, a gathering of best friends, or a recounting of an adventure, will be valued by family and friends because it will be told by you in your voice. And you will be able to preserve and share it across the boundaries of time and distance.


Call John at 310-486-2547 to find out how easy it is to share your story today and be assured that it will continue to be seen and heard for as long as you choose.

Sample Stories

A young woman tells of a recent solo visit to Cuba and her discovery of its people, cities, and land.

A recently retired L.A. Port longshoreman recounts his life from childhood in Wilmington to the start of his own family in San Pedro

Want to celebrate a life ? A relationship ?  An event ?