Excursions is a program of El Camino College Community Education.


Chocolate Love - Excursions will resume in 2022 !


Discover some of the southland’s finest chocolate candy makers and the basics of bean-to-bar chocolate making in a relaxed, daylong journey. All the while, you will be able to indulge your own chocolate obsessions and make gift purchases for family and friends. Led by choc-holic John Powers, you will begin your day at ChocoVivo in Culver City, one of only three bean-to-bar manufacturers in the area – that is, chocolatiers who process their own cocoa beans. Here, every step of the chocolate-making process is done on site. Next, explore the Hungarian chocolate tradition at K Chocolatier in Beverly Hills where Diane Kron brings her family tradition to the U.S. with crisp rice chocolate bears, rum truffles, and much more. Afterwards, there will be an exploration of the Swiss tradition at Teusher Chocolates, a global brand that ensure consistency by regular air delivery from Europe. Next, find out about the contemporary chocolate candy making at nearby andSons Chocolatiers. Here, the candies are like jewels. Taking time out for lunch on your own at the comfortable La Scala Restaurant (and an espresso or a glass of red wine if you are so inclined), engage in conversation with your excursion companions to discover what has brought them to this unique journey. After lunch, take a deep dive into the long-standing Edelweiss Chocolate, a cornucopia of chocolate candies and other sweet delights and the inspiration for the memorable “I Love Lucy” candy episode. The exploration will come to a conclusion at Letterpress Chocolate, the second of three bean-to-bar factories, where you will discover and taste the intricacies of fine cacao from around the globe’s chocolate belt. Itinerary subject to change.




Fee: To Be Determined


To register, call (310) 660-6460


Depart:  El Camino College lot J (in front of the Marsee auditorium) @ 9:00AM, Return: 4:00PM