Ten Years After

2003 (presented 2013)

Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster with guest David Seidel

Invasion of Iraq with guest Nayyer Ali

Completion of the Human Genome Project

California Gubernatorial Recall and Election

David Seidel and John Powers

2005 (presented 2015)

YouTube Launches

Deep Throat Revealed

Hurricane Katrina

YouTube Launces

2004 (presented  2014)

Facebook Launches with guest Gary Metzker

Oldsmobile Ceases Production with guest Michael Anderson

The 9-11 Commission Report Released

The 9-11 Commission Report

Ten Years After was a program of El Camino College Community Education.   This series was sponsored by Ritas Smith & Associates, California Credit Union, and Torrance Bakery and was presented in association with media partner Torrance CitiCABLE,