†Works in Progress

Works in Progress was a theater series begun in 1994 as a presenting program of various contemporary solo and small ensemble performances.† With the renovation of the Nakano Theatre completed in 2004, the program focused on new and very recent theater productions that had compelling, contemporary themes.


Works in Progress, formerly a program of the Torrance Cultural Services Division, was produced in 2013 as a partnership between Torrance Historical Society & Museum and John Powers.

2010 - Enduring Spirit

Long Story Short by Christine Choy and Jodi Long

Uncle Toisan by Charlie Chin

American Bamboo by Cherylene Lee

English Only by Annette Lee

In Ten Years by Damon Chua

Charlie Chin as Uncle Toisan

Uncle Toisan

2009 - Whose Story Now

Rabbit in the Moon by Emiko Omori

My Friend Ted & Heroes by Alton Chung

Yellow Pearl with Nobuko Miyamoto and Charlie Chin

Big Head by Denise Uyehara

Itís Great 2B American by Dan Kwong



Dan Kwong, actor

Itís Great 2B American

2008 - 1968

Memphis by J-Powers

Los Angeles by J-Powers

Chicago by J-Powers

Mexico City by J-Powers

Cast of Chicago 1968


2007 - EO 9066

Stand Up for Justice by John Esaki

Camp Dance by Soji Kashiwagi

Question 27, Question 28 by Chay Yew

A Divided Community by Momo Yashima, Frank Chin and the Resisters

Cast of Question 27, Question 28

Question 27, Question 28

2006 - The 9/11 Commission Report

1998 by J-Powers

1999 by J-Powers

2000 by J-Powers

2001 by J-Powers

Cast of 9-11


2005 - America on Trial

Trial of Lenny Bruce by J-Powers

Court-Martial of William Calley by J-Powers

McMartin Preschool Trial by J-Powers

O.J. Simpson Trial by J-Powers

Cast of O.J. Simpson Trial

O.J. Simpson Trial

2004 - Sex, Lies & Politics

Examination of Mrs. Anne Hutchinson at the Court at Newton, 1637 by J-Powers

Army - McCarthy Hearings by J-Powers

Watergate Tapes by J-Powers

Anita Hill - Clarence Thomas Hearings by J-Powers

Cast of The Examination of Mrs. Anne Hutchinson at the Court of Newton

Anne Hutchinson


Linda Wang in concert

Desborde, Music of Violetta Para

Stuart Pimsler & Suzanne Costello, Caring for Caregivers

Ellis Island Klesmer Band in concert

June Kurumoto & Friends in concert



Richard Grayson in concert

Paul Linke, Time Flies When Youíre Alive

Leilani Chan & Keo, Kuana

Marie Cain, Jung and Foolish

Vicki Juditz, L.A. Stories

Carla Luna & Guillermo Rios

Charlie Chin, Paulina Sahagun & Bob Devin Jones

Laurie Z in concert

Bobby Matos, Rumba Rap City

Karen Benjamin & Alan Chapman in concert



The Foreman in concert

Nobuko Miyamoto, Grain of Sand

Watts Prophets

Dave Frishberg in concert

Reed, Gee & Morrisey in concert

Ellen Geer & Malora Marshall

Vicki Juditz, Teshuva, Return

Dale Gonyea in concert

Shishir Kurup, Assimilation

Joe Harnell & Janna Brown in concert

Peter Also in concert

Barry Neikrug

Great Leap, A Slice of Rice

Sandra Tsing Low, Aliens in America

Karen Benjamin & Alan Chapman in concert


Paul Kreppel, Yahzeit

Ellen Geer & Melora Marshall, MAMAS

Shelley Berman, Law of Return

Denise Uyehara, Headless Turtleneck Relatives

Tom Bopp in concert


Cast of Wedded


2011 - Pentagon Papers

Wedded: Nixon and the Pentagon Papers by J-Powers

Pentagon Papers Vol 1 by J-Powers

Pentagon Papers Vol 2 by J-Powers

Pentagon Papers Vol 3 by J-Powers

Pentagon Papers Vol 4 by J-Powers

2012 - Visionaries

Jared Sidney Torrance by J-Powers

Mother Jones by J-Powers

Zane Grey by J-Powers

Amy Lowell by J-Powers

L. Frank Baum by J-Powers

L. Frank Baum

2013 - Coming of Age

Rise Up! by Nic Cha Kim

Prodigal Daughter by Vivian Hue

The Golden Hour by Philip W. Chung

Hannah and the Dread Gazebo by Jiehae Park

The Golden Hour